Oh hai, friend/stranger!

Well, you probably saw the face in the sidebar but who is the puppet master controlling this freakshow?

I am David.  Like the book.  But not like the book at all.  I’m pretty sure the only thing that myself and the title character of that book share in common is the name David.  So not really like the book.  I suppose I meant to say like the title of the book.  Yeah…

As demonstrated above, I ramble.  Most commonly, my ramblings involve music.

If you’re a stranger, welcome!  Feel free to comment my posts or tweet me (@davidpfitz)

If you’re a friend, be sure to give me a hug next time I see you. I do enjoy the hugs.

1 comment
  1. Laura said:

    HAI. We’re friends. I think you’re alright and stuff.

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