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This one’s definitely been overdue a while – can’t believe it’s been a month since we had a Wemix Wednesday.

This selection offers everyone’s favourite controversy courting hoe spitting over pop’s princess (that sounds naughty), Scissor Sisters with a bit more Kylie (where is the studio version of that uptempo version of White Diamond, Jake Shears? Where is it??), three sisters with The Knocks, two offerings from a random German band remixed by a genius and two geniuses and a double remixing credit to Lovelife, among many more.

Grab all the tracks in a handy little Soundcloud playlist right here

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A fairly obscure remix done by the Scissor Sisters back in 2003 of the Blondie track Good Boys.
With Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories paving the way for a Summer full of disco, tracks like this will be filling up my playlist.