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Some tasty treats for you to tuck into before:
a) (if in the US) you’re about to tuck into turkey and pumpkin-based culinary deliciousness
b) (if not in the US) bracing yourself for a season of minced pies and mulled wine (not that you guys don’t have those things in America but let us just have this one thing!)

If you didn’t think Tom Aspaul’s Indiana could get any better, it just did. At the hands of Bronze Whales.

Monsieur Adi has gone and spilled a bottle of funk on Smallpools.

Zoo Station have got Lorde ready for DEH CLUB.  And she’s looking bleedin’ fierce.

It’s Black Friday this Friday.  What’s gonna be your Black Friday anthem this year?  Huh?  How about a poppers-o-clock version of Material Girl?  Now go get some goddamn bargains.

Ahead of their Record Store Day Black Friday release, NONONO have premiered the CSS remix of Pumpin Blood.  SPOILER: It’s got a lot of donk

Le Youth‘s Dance With Me is a bit of a cheat cuz it’s more of a mashup than a remix but a fresh verse spit over a previously released demo is enough for me.

Grab all the tracks in a handy little Soundcloud playlist right here

Check them out after the jump

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