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We wrote about LIZ’s retro music video for U Over Them a few months ago (yes because the early 00’s are now retro. We’re getting old, people).

Stop Me Cold, available as a free download in exchange for a Like on facebook, sounds like something that Christina Aguilera would be releasing if she was in touch with what was going on in music these days (Let’s be honest, her Lotus never blossomed…).

The first ten seconds open with a guitar riff that would easily be mistaken for a track off of The Diary of Alicia Keys before breaking out all the turn-of-the-century R’n’B stops.  In spite of its uptempo swagger, it’s hard not to imagine this song working just as well if it was stripped down to LIZ’s vocals and an acoustic guitar.  Until we hear that acoustic session, the original track will do just fine.

And be sure to read on to get this sick remix of U Over Them…

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So the return of 90’s culture is in full effect and R’n’B has come to save the world from the cancer that is dubstep.  AlunaGeorge is a prime example of the electronic-infused, experimental, genre-bending sounds of future R’n’B.  If you like your future R’n’B sound a bit more 3LW, LIZ is for you. (Admittedly that 3LW track was 00’s but once you watch LIZ’s video you’ll agree it’s a pretty good point of reference).  Get all up in your Tia and Tamera and rock out with your Christina Milian/Ashanti/Mary J Blige mixtape for this.

Check out the music video for U Over Them: