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Icona Pop rock the Jean-Luc Goddard vibe in this black and white tale of two friends caught up in a love triangle.


Normally I’m averse to product placement in music videos but combine vodka and NYC ball culture and I can forgive it.  That and the fact that I freakin’ adore Icona Pop.

Those of you who watched America’s Best Dance Crew may recognise Mother Leiomy from Vogue Evolution (Check my girl werq that weave at the 4 minute mark!)

Check out the music video for All Night:

BONUS: check out another new track from Icona Pop’s forthcoming new(ish) album – it’s basically a repackaged re-release of half of their first album with a load of new tunes. This track’s called In The Stars

While a lot of you may recognise the sample in this song as Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “03′ Bonnie and Clyde”, credit is due to Tupac for his 1996 track “Me and My Girlfriend”.

Samples aside, the important thing here is that Icona Pop is back with new material.  Amazing new material at that.


I hope that this makes you dance around your room in your underwear as much as it has made me.