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So I obviously didn’t make my love for Diana clear enough a couple of weeks back.  You’re a tough crowd and you need convincing.  I can tell.

Now sit down and STFU and listen to her ridonculously amazing rendition of Naughty Boy’s La La La.

Buy her goddamn album already!


Diana Vickers is a little pop godsend and she should be reigning supreme atop the charts as we speak, throwing pixie dust of thanks to her loyal subjects.

Alas, we live in a world tinged with misfortunate passions for craftless drivel and obliviousness to the beauty that exists in the form of Diana Vickers.  Try watch this without feeling some form of deep emotion.

That emotion will likely be rage.  Rage at the fact that the world isn’t stanning over this girl.

If you like this (obvs), do have a listen to her album Music To Make The Boys Cry.  It’s only bloody brilliant, in an it-was-entirely-cowritten-by-Miranda-Cooper-and-a-load-of-bleedin-deadly-Norwegians-so-how-the-fuck-not?! kinda way)