Warpaint releases eponymous second album this Friday [stream now]


It’s hard to believe that Warpaint have only had one album (albeit they preceded this by a fantastic EP and subsequently provided the instrumentation to a wonderful cover of The XX’s Crystalised).  The one album illusion comes to an end this weekend with the release of their eponymous second album.

The lovely lads over on NPR are streaming the whole album which is very kind of them, isn’t it?  Have a listen there cuz god knows we have no clue how to embed that monstrosity of a streaming player.

The injection of a smoother R’n’B sound into this record, compared to what Warpaint purists might be familiar with, gives the album a sexier, more confident edge than the band’s previous releases.  It comes as no surprise that Theresa Wayman stated that “playing music can take you closer to that same kind of state of ecstasy as an orgasm” in an interview with the Guardian last weekend.

The album’s lead single, Love Is To Die, featured in the Calvin Klein Fall 2013 campaign and has been given the live treatment…

… whenever they’ve got the chance over the past couple of months.

This is the kinda record that will only sound better on vinyl so be sure to pick up a copy when it goes on sale this weekend.

This post comes to you courtesy of the sizeable G+T I just consumed and also on pain of being mauled by a pine marten.


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