Katy Perry – Roar | TotW Tuesday

Ok… so I held a vote in order to decide Tune of the Week Tuesday.  Haim won fair and square.  I accept that.  However, this week Katy Perry put out a lyric video that cannot be overlooked.

The first single to come from her forthcoming October release, Prism, was supposed to be released on August 12, however, it leaked online 2 days early, forcing the label to rush release the track.

The lyric video, which appeared online yesterday, is presented as a WhatsApp group chat with such frantic emoticon usage that my mother’s skills are put to shame (true story: my mother’s ability to use emoticons on WhatsApp is terrifyingly efficient.  I honestly don’t know how she can send image-filled replies so fast)

Oh yeah and there’s that whole “she copied Sara Bareilles” thing that’s going around at the moment.  #SaraBarlalalelliesWishes  #sorryimnotsorry


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