HAERTS – All The Days

HAERTS are one of those bands whose name I’ve only ever seen written down.  Mainly on blogs.  I’m comfortable sharing my love for them here but talking about them in real life is difficult.  Cuz I have no fucking idea how to pronounce the band’s name.

Is it like Hertz?  What if people think your talking about Hurts with a weird accent (as happened to me on Monday night)? Do you just say Hearts and allow people to aimlessly search Google with the spelling they’ve known for years?

Anyway, expect to hear how to pronounce their name properly soon because they’ve just inked a deal with Columbia Records.

Sounds like?
A cocktail of HAIM, the Gigamesh Remix of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of New Order

Check out their previous single, Wings, which I posted about last month


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