Is this feeling I’m experiencing hunger or disgust?

KFC have started selling a burger in the States called the ‘Double Down’.

Here’s what she looks like:

Double Down from KFC

Double Down

The bread-less burger houses 2 slices of bacon, cheese and the “Colonel’s sauce” in between 2 chicken fillets.

I’ve got a feeling I know what you’re thinking.  Something along the lines of “Omg they could only sell something that unhealthy in America”??  Well according to the NPR’s health blog it’s not as much of an artery clogger as you may have first thought.

Whilst I’m not trying to deny 540 calories is a bit hefty for a sandwich, a Big Mac weighs in at the exact same!  And this way, you’re avoiding evil carbs!

I’m not too optimistic that we’ll be seeing it on this side of the Atlantic any time soon though…


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