I ♥ trip hop

Little known fact about me – I love trip hop.

Another little known fact about me – Sneaker Pimps are one of my favourite bands.  And not just their own work; Kelli Dayton’s solo work after she got ousted from the band post-first album, Chris Corner’s solo project IAMX, all of it.

The thing about trip hop, however, is as much as I love it I really have to be in the mood for it.  Hence, every couple of months I “rediscover” my love of trip hop and go on a little listening spree.  Then some new album comes out, I download it and my attention is pulled away from the moody, 90’s, heavy and slow drum beat laden sound and on to the latest Britney wannabe.

Needless to say I’m on a trip hop buzz at the moment.  And a small part of me is kinda pining to have been a 90’s teenager so that I could’ve had trip hop as the soundtrack to my angst.  I scored my moody teenage years with the Offspring and blink-182… What was I thinking? I am SO much deeper than that…

My So Called Life

Oh Claire… you had it so easy with your uber 90’s style


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